Anand Radhakrishnan, Chief Investment Officer (Equities)

Dear Radha, Rekha, Prashant & rest of the team

A big shout out to all off you for conducting a grand running event yesterday (24th July 2022) . As my running friend correctly points out, it is not easy to get a city marathon conducted so beautifully which goes to show how much planning and execution had gone into this to make it so smooth and flawless. Many members of your team were seen going around and meeting & greeting runners individually which kind of added to the personal touch. It is an event organized by the runners, for the runners !!!

Right from the Expo, to route selection, Aid stations, volunteers, pre-run guidance, the chendai drum beats, Electral support, medical staff, post run facilities, breakfast, photo booths, winners felicitation program … one can imagine any small part of a running event and it was well thought-through and planned perfectly to brilliant execution. Great work and Kudos to everyone in your group for this phenomenal team effort.

It was indeed my pleasure that Franklin Templeton got to associate with this marquee event last couple of years and could be of some help to the greater cause. 45 people participated (FT colleagues and my running group friends) and all had great things to say which again shows it is not my opinion alone.