Date: 24th July 2022, Sunday

Starting point & Finishing Point : Outside Olcott School

Reporting Time: 30 minutes before the Start time

Start Time for 21.1K: 4:30 AM

Start Time for 10K: 5:30 AM

Cut-off Time for 21.1K: 3 hours 30 minutes

Cut-off Time for 10K: 1 hour 45 minutes

Olcott Memorial Higher Secondary School, Besant Nagar, Chennai



Participants driving to the venue in Besant Nagar are advised to avoid the Marina Beach Road, Santhome & MRC Nagar as these will be blocked.
The Besant Avenue stretch will also be blocked for traffic and people are advised to reach the venue via 1st Avenue, Shastri Nagar or via MG Road, Shastri Nagar.

4 Wheeler Parking

2 Wheeler Parking


This fitness cum cleanliness concept was introduced by us as part of our 2018 event. ‘Ploggers’ will run the course of the event, right behind the participants and pick up any litter that has resulted enroute. We make a humble request to all runners to help in this endeavour by following disposal protocols, so that their work is kept to the minimal.
We also share below some collective measures which we can all take to help minimise the impact on the environment, even as we enjoy the festive fervour of the expo and event day.
– As far as possible, organise vehicle pools to arrive at the expo and event day venues.
– While we will have fully stocked hydration points lined up suitably on the route, we encourage and request runners to ‘bring your own bottles’ ( BYOB), which can be refilled at any of the hydration points.
– This will help in a big way to avoid usage of single use plastic bottles and/or disposable cups.
Responsible Waste Disposal
– The route, as well as the holding area at the start and finish, will be provided with adequate number of bins.
– Kindly make an effort to find the nearest one and dispose off the cups/bottles, peels, pouches etc suitably.
– Segregated bins will be provided in the finish area to enable source segregation of dry and wet waste; Please make an effort to follow the process of segregation.
– Please enjoy the hot and sumptuous breakfast provided; However, be mindful to avoid food/water wastage. Kindly ensure that you consume whatever you take. 
Medical Emergency

Here are some pointers and initiatives as part of the race, that would ensure immediate response to any such unforeseen situation.

Listen to your Body
At any point during the race, if you feel any sort of abnormal physical discomfort that hinders your run,  PLEASE STOP IMMEDIATELY.
Doctors available Enroute
A team of qualified doctors will be traversing the route on bicycles. They will be easily identifiable in the special VEST marked ‘DOCTOR’ that they would be wearing.
In case of any emergency for oneself or a fellow runner, please request medical assistance from doctors, if in the vicinity, or through any volunteer who is immediately available.
Every volunteer, whether at aid stations or elsewhere on the route, will be in touch with a central team, to coordinate any emergency medical response, including commissioning an ambulance to the required location.
The participant BIB have the Helpline number printed on its reverse side. Please remember this to make use of if required.
Apollo First Aid stations
Our medical partner, Apollo Hospitals, will set up First Aid stations enroute (mostly alongside each of the hydration points) to service any medical requirement.
Apollo Hospitals Booth and Equipped Ambulance
The finish point holding area will have an exclusive Apollo Hospitals booth to serve any medical situation that may be encountered or reported and brought in. An ambulance will also be available for transport to hospital if it becomes necessary. 
CPR Sessions
As part of of our endeavour to spread knowledge on First Response, demo CPR sessions are planned to be conducted on the Expo day. Please do attend one of the sessions, as it will be very useful in any situation in your daily life, apart from the run itself.
Tips for Runners
Pre race day
● Clip your toe nails
Fresh Legs: Don’t walk around too much on the day prior to the race; All your training will show results only if your legs are fresh for the day and not tired out.
Extra hydration: Drink enough water and electrolytes (more than daily consumption); however ensure that consumption is in slow frequent intervals rather than a lot a one time. This helps in retention.
● Avoid carbonated drinks and liquor.
● Eat Right: Consume good amount of fat and carbs as part of your meals; Do not have a late and heavy dinner.
● Sleep early: A good 7-8 hours of sleep is necessary to perform at your potential the next day.
Race Day
● Wake up 1 or 1.5 hours before race time (or earlier) factoring in travel time to the venue; This will avoid any panic or hurry in getting to the venue.
● Eat your pre race meal/snack: You could have a banana with peanut butter and milk or dry fruits. However, do not take anything that you’ve not had before.
● Lubricate your underarm pits, inner thighs chest and any other parts which may be prone abrasive chaffing by applying Vaseline or an equivalent.
● Be well aware of the route before race day and go through the course of your race mentally on the morning of the race.
● Warm up 30 minutes before the race start. Can be a slow jog and/or dynamic stretches. 
● Keep sipping water and electrolytes before the race. A caffeine gel 15 minute before race start works good.
The Race
● At the start of the race, don’t accelerate. Control your nerves. It is a long race, gradually build into your race pace.
● Keep sipping water and electrolytes in small quantities at every opportunity during the race. Don’t wait to get thirsty. The aim is to keep yourself hydrated and not quench your thirst.
● Do not gulp down large quantities of liquids in one go. It will affect your rhythm.
● Your aim should be to finish injury free and strong, at a pace you have trained for. By all means push yourself to go beyond your comfort zone but don’t run based on someone else’s pace.
● If you have specific targets of finish time, keep in sync with the pacers in that time bracket. You will largely be in line for the targeted finish.
Post race
● Stretch immediately upon finishing the race. Once the body cools down, muscles will become stiff.
● An ice bath works good for muscles to relax. If possible, a foam rolling session and stretching. A massage is better too.
● Have calorie rich meal immediately after. A good mix of protein of course carbs and fat is necessary for muscle recovery.
● Consume some fruits to replenish micronutrients.