Pre Race Prep

  • Please pin up your BIBs (with Timing chip attached) for the Run the day before the run. BIBs will be distributed on the day of Expo.
  • For Expo details, visit the Expo Day Page
  • Bus Routes and Suburban Trains –
  • Make sure your toenails are trimmed.
  • Stay off your feet, rest and relax for the last 3 days before the race day.
  • As a safety precaution, please consult your family doctor to check your fitness for the run.
  • Medical Counter will also be available on the day of Expo.
  • Stay well hydrated.
  • Eat adequate carbohydrates. 
  • Eat “normal” foods during this period. Avoid unusual foods.
  • Have your morning plan set the day before the race.
  • Get your clothing and running gear ready. Sleep well. Plan to get up early.
  • Put Vaseline where-ever your muscle rubs or use a plaster.
  • Set your watch (Charge it and test it).

Race Day Tips

  • Aid Stations will be provided along the route – water, electrolyte, fruits, basic first-aid facilities, etc.
  • Medical facility and Emergency support will be provided covering the entire route. Use it if required.
  • Baggage Counters will be available at the venue.
  • Bring your family/friends to cheer you along the route!
  • Mentally divide the race into sections
  • Listen to your body
  • Pace yourself correctly & comfortably
  • If using portable toilets, try to keep the line moving as fast as possible.
  • When using the aid stations, go to the middle or end instead of the beginning to help control congestion.
  • Finish time is based chip time. So no need to panic at the start point.
  • Keep yourself to designated track and follow the navigation from route Marshalls and the direction boards.
  • It’s perfectly okay to walk; but the walkers should keep to on side of the road and not not block the way
  • We are doing our best to control and regulate traffic. Please watch out at junctions and take care when traffic is opened up.
  • Latch on to your pacers and finish with them.
  • Always overtake a runner from his right side after ensuring there is none at the rear.
  • Run and finish the marathon happily.
  • Walk around & stretch after the marathon to avoid cramping.
  • Enjoy the finish line festivities.
  • Breakfast will be provided post run at the Finish Area. Enjoy the food! You earned it!
  • Go home with a medal and lots of happy memories.
  • The next day, go spin on the cycle or walk around or swim or relax or get massage – it all depends on the race distance, intensity & how you are feeling.
  • Give yourself a pat on the back and relish your accomplishment…!!!
Run Clean and Run Responsible
Here are a few important “Green” Do’s and Dont’s


  • Garbage Bins/Bag will be provided close to the aid stations – kindly dispose the trash ONLY in those bins/bags.
  • Throw paper cups and other items into designated and segregated bins 
  • Carry your own bottle if possible, We will refill your bottle at aid stations, avoid using new plastics as much as possible, be a Green Warrior!
  • Watch out for Ploggers on the way and hand over trash to them if you don’t find a bin near you


  • Do not throw empty cups or bottles on the road or along the footpath. 
  •  Do not take plastic bottles if you already have one, refill & re-use
  •  Don’t throw away bottles that have water in them, water is precious, we know it better than anyone in Chennai 🙂
  • After eating breakfast, please dispose the plates in the bins provided.