When we say

#Run Clean Run Responsible

We are not Kidding!


Dream Runners Half Marathon is the first event in Chennai to have introduced Plogging to increase the awareness of running clean and responsibly. Continuing the tradition we have our own members from various Dream Runners Chapters as well as people from other running groups contributing for the cause.

These runners are selfless people who deserve the greatest respect and appreciation from each and every runner! So when you meet them, don’t forget to thank them and show them your appreciation with a simple gesture!


Satheesh Tandle
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Srini Swaminathan
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Sriram Raghu
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Parthasarathy S P
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This is my first run at the DRHM 2019 and I am doing a 10k. All these days it has been only about ‘what time will I finish my run in?’. For the first time and for the want of having a new experience, I am going to ask myself about ‘how clean did I keep my city while I ran?’. Plogging for the first time and I am both nervous and excited at the same time. 
Vasudha R
Akash v
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Navin Kumar Nirmalarajan
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Ganesh Gopalan
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