21.1 Kms Pacers

Shri Krishna : 1 hours 50 minutes Bus

“Train Well, Hydrate Well, Be Open.”

Krishnan(Kutty) : 1 hours 50 minutes Bus

“The advice I have for beginners is the same philosophy that I have for runners of all levels of experience and ability: consistency, a sane approach, moderation, and making your running an enjoyable, rather than dread it.”

Sathish Kumar (Deca) : 2 hours Bus

“Train well, Hydrate Well and come with positive mindset!”

Aravinda Kumar : 2 hours Bus

“Try not to push yourself too much. It is good to run for your PB, at the same time enjoy your run.”

Keyar Srinivasan : 2 hours Bus

“Give your best in training & show your best in the race.”
Insta: @keyar.srini

Mustafa Unjhawala : 2 hours 10 minutes Bus

“Don’t get stressed, keep calm and carry on enjoying the race.”
Insta: @mustafa_madras

Dr. Vijay Kumar : 2 hours 10 minutes Bus

“Have adequate miles under their belt, ability to do a 58 minute 10 before attempting a 2.10 HM.”
Insta: @barefootdocchennai

Kannan Krishnamoorti : 2 hours 20 minutes Bus

“Welcome to shoepotta parambarai. Let running help you achieve an enviable lifestyle.”

S Jaya Jaya Raman : 2 hours 20 minutes Bus

“Don’t worry too much. Just follow the bus and enjoy your run. The bus will take care of the timing, you will finish on dot at 2:19:55.”
Insta: @jjr.s

Ananthakumar Selvaraj : 2 hours 30 minutes Bus

“Make life rich with lot of beautiful memories and let run be the reason for that on DRHM day.”

Dr. Asha Rajni : 2 hours 30 minutes Bus

“Come relaxed without any fear, knowing that you can and will finish the marathon and I’ll try to make it your most memorable marathon.”
Insta: @professorasha_

Vinodh Rajkumar : 2 hours 30 minutes Bus

“Train adequately, do more LSD, practice running at target pace, taper adequately, have adequate sleep before the event and finally enjoy every run.”
Insta: @vr_ortho

Vinodha Ganapathy : 2 hours 40 minutes Bus

“Be patient and avoid stress. Taper off closer to the race day. Enjoy the process. Running is a great metaphor for life. It can teach you lessons if you are willing to learn.”

Dr. Erica Patel : 2 hours 40 minutes Bus

“Sleep for at least 6-7 hours in the week prior to race. Hydrate well in the days leading up to the race. Have a good high carb meal the night before. Take complete rest 2 days before race day and trust your training and your pacer" 🙂

Seema K : 2 hours 45 minutes Bus

“Listen to your body, Run at your comfort, Don’t make it too serious”

Vijayashree Raghavan (Viji):
2 hours 45 minutes Bus

“Be confident, enjoy. A Debut is always a special one, so prepare well with necessary training, good running attire, shoes and loads of smiles to cover the miles, of course not to forget the beautiful pics of your run ( HISTORY!)”

Saifuddin Bambot : 2 hours 45 minutes Bus

“Don't be afraid. It’s going to be easy and smooth, just have fun and enjoy the run, you’ll definitely cross the finishing line with me with a smile.”
Insta: @saifuddinbambot

Govindrajan Krishnan

“Do your best, Enjoy the journey.”

Arihant Chhajed

“Enjoy the run, give your 100% effort,
never give up attitude and rest we will take care.”
Insta: @aforarihant19