Jaishankar: 60 Minutes Bus

“Be relaxed and enjoy the run, leave rest to your pacers.”
Insta: @jaishankar.ps

Feroz Zaveri : 60 Minutes Bus

“Enjoy the Run and Have Fun!”
Insta: @f.t.zaveri

Rizwan Riaz : 70 Minutes Bus

“Take it easy - one step at a time and you will arrive
at your destination in style.”
Insta: @rizwan.riaz

Gurumurthy Dandapani : 75 Minutes Bus

“It’s a run for fun and happiness. Trust in your practice and pacers to see you through to the finish line.”

Nirmal Kumar Sahoo : 70 Minutes Bus

“Train well and enjoy the run”

Arvind C : 75 Minutes Bus

“Come on, lets rock and roll and achieve the target easily!”

Vandana Sharma : 80 Minutes Bus

“Always warm up before your run and cool down after run.
Learn to enjoy your run.”

Bala : 75 Minutes Bus

“Forget your timing, just run with me and
you will have your Time Target reached.”
Insta: @baladtr

Zainab Yusuf : 80 Minutes Bus

“Strengthen your mind and body, hydrate yourself, stretch and refuel immediately post- race. Running makes you feel happier
and keep running and stay healthy!”
Insta: @jeny.jiniya

Vinod Gopal : 80 Minutes Bus

“Newbies, Get set for entertainment, Lets Enjoy the RUN!!!”
Insta: @dvvinodgopal

Ramya : 90 Min Bus

“Enjoy the Run and Have Fun.”

Karthee C : 90 Minutes Bus

“Enjoy the Run!.”

Tasneem Gandhi : 90 Minutes Bus

“Collect yourself, loosen up, start slow, relax, think laps, not total distance. Sing, hydrate early and often and push hard later in the race.”
Insta: @tasneem_mustu