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Wondering how and when to start training for Dream Runners Half Marathon 2020? Or hesitant to register as you are not sure if you can run or not? Have a lot of concerns with the current situation?

Don’t worry … join the Structured Virtual Training Program Commencing July 2020, under the able guidance and supervision of experienced Coach’s and seasoned professionals Ranjini and Ramya who will guide you to make it happen.

The Training Program is a well-planned, structured and scientific approach to running. Endurance and Strength Training are also an integral part of the program.

About the Coach

Ranjini Gupta – Marathoner and Fitness Consultant

  • Long Distance runner from 2012
  • Multiple time Boston Qualifier . Completed four Abbott World Marathon Majors – BERLIN Marathon (2016), CHICAGO Marathon (2017), TOKYO Marathon (2018) & NEWYORK marathon (2019)
  • Podium winner in various events conducted across India including TATA MUMBAI MARATHON (2019), NEW DELHI MARATHON (2019), CHENNAI MARATHON (20miler – 2019) and BENGALURU MIDNIGHT MARATHON (2018) to mention a few.
  • Recipient of the STAR SPORTS BELIEVE AWARD at TCS WORLD10K 2019.
  • ACE certified Fitness trainer . Founder & Director @ Rungenie Fitness since 2016
  • Rungenie Fitness focuses on a client-centric approach, providing personalized and structured training plan, strength and conditioning workouts and mentorship for amateur runners, depending on their goals, so you, “perform to your potential”.
  • Guest columnist for digital sports journals and corporate wellness speaker.

Ramya Giridhar

Ramya Giridhar, a post graduate in Economics was an MNC banker for most part of her career. Having always been fitness conscious, she decided to make her family and her health, her focus. She moved away from Banking and started practising yoga . What started as a journey of personal (physical and mental well being ),slowly transformed into a passion that she wanted to share with her family and friends .

She decided to deepen her practice with knowledge and completed her certifications( posture and alignment specialist, Sound Healing, kids yoga ,pre-natal yoga and women’s Health)
Today , at the age of 43, she is at the pinnacle of her physical fitness and a much more peaceful as well as content person than she has ever been .

She resides in Mumbai and takes almost 8 sessions of Yoga through the day with the same zest and enthusiasm and She strongly believes Yoga has helped her in this path.

About the training plan

  • This is a 11 week training plan starting from the 6th of July 2020 to the 20th of September 2020. The plan will be shared on a weekly basis.
  • This plan has been designed, keeping the novice and intermediate runners, in mind.
  • It is presumed that those who have registered for the 10 kms and the half marathon distances, have some prior running experience.
  • The plan will include three days of running, interspersed with fast and easy runs to ensure a gradual progression.
  • Participants can also avail the benefit of the live strength & conditioning sessions and yoga sessions which will be conducted during the course of training. Intimation about the same will be shared with participants on a periodic basis.
  • We will also have three webinars during this period, where details pertaining to training and racing will be discussed. The dates of the webinars will be shared with all the participants.
  • It will be the onus of the participant to ensure that right nutrition, rest and recovery protocols are strictly followed.
  • Owing to the times we are in now, it is advised to avoid group runs and follow the necessary statutory orders.
  • The focus of this structured and progressive training plan is to minimize injury risk while making gradual progress.
  • As always, remember to consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise regime. In case of any discomfort or pain during the training, cease the activity immediately.
The Yoga sessions for the next few weeks will focus on :

1. Posture alignment :to elongate the spine without adding tension 
2. Strength :core ,quads, Hamstrings and Hip flexors
3. Flexibility: Holding the asanas for long periods of time helps to loosen up the muscles,
joints,ligaments and connecting tissues that will help to run with ease
4. Pranayama & Meditation:The Breathing exercises promotes greater energy and oxygen intake which will help in breathing better during the runs and the guided meditation helps to focus better on the present moment and calm the mind.
The sessions will be a mix of Hatha Yoga and Iyengar Yoga (using props such as belt, bricks and wall if available)

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