At Dream Runners, we run with a purpose that makes a positive difference in the lives of many. The three prominent causes that we will work for for 2021 will be Frontline COVID 19 workers, Freedom Trust and The International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care (PCVC)





Dream Runners Half Marathon is happy to be associated with FREEDOM TRUST (Foundation for the Rehabilitation, Education and Empowerment of the Disabled of Madras) which is striving to make a difference in the lives of the disabled. Since its inception in 1997, the Trust has helped more than 26,000 physically challenged person with mobility aids like wheelchairs, tricycles, artificial limbs and othoses. DRHM has been contributing to Freedom Trust from the proceeds of the race to provide prosthetic legs to the amputees.For more information on Freedom Trust, please visit We want you too to make a difference by helping the society. Let’s run together and take a step to make others step ahead! Note from Dr. S. SUNDER, Founder of Freedom Trust

Dr. S. Sunder, is one of the few practitioners of the rare specialty of Physical medicine and rehabilitation in India today. His experience in the field of rehabilitation spans nearly two decades. He has founded a successful outpatient service for pain and paralysis relief called PREM CENTER, which is one of the biggest of its kind in Chennai. He has also been responsible for establishing and running two inpatient rehabilitation centers in Chennai. He has been consultant to several NGO’s in the area of disability for children.

Among all the physically disabled people who attend our camps we have observed that lower limb amputees are the ones who benefit the most out of the appliances given to them. Prosthetic [artificial limb] fitting is a specialized and skilled process carried out by trained professionals and the limbs are customized to the patients. Amputations are done to save lives especially after trauma, but today diabetes, malignancies are also on the rise, resulting in a huge number of amputees waiting for limbs, thousands in Tamil Nadu alone. A system which removes the limb must also replace it artificially, and it is unfortunate that so many people are unable to walk simply because they do not have access to limb fitting technology. It is very gratifying to see the amputees walking after a limb fitting camp and some of them are able to ride a cycle or tractor as well.It is our dream at FREEDOM TRUST to conduct special camps only for limb fitting at various towns and villages all over India, and enable the amputees to walk with their newly fitted limbs.

We believe that Rehabilitation is not “welfare” – sets the person with disability free, by giving him a chance to earn a livelihood. FREEDOM TRUST very strongly believes in sustainable models to help physically challenged people. This is so important as we do not need to think that what we do is Charity or welfare but make them self reliant and live a life of self respect. We believe no human being likes to live as a beneficiary of charity rendering him a burden to the society that he lives in.

Dr. S. Sunder M.D.
Consultant Physiatrist and Medical Director,
PREM Center, Flat 9, Block D1, Anand Apartment, 50, Lattice bridge road, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai 600041. India Cell: 09940022234
Phone: 044 43313333




International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care (PCVC) is a non-­profit, tax-­exempt, registered public charitable trust, based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The organization, founded and registered in January 2001, was started as a response to Chennai’s noticeable absence of support agencies for women who are survivors of domestic violence.

In working with survivors of domestic violence, the organization identified three problem areas for women in the city; namely: a) lack of material resources, such as government assistance for survivors of domestic violence, available housing and well-­‐staffed shelters, and access to appropriate and affordable medical care, b) absence of systemic options, such as efficient and just family courts, sensitive police assistance, and subsidies for legal fees, and c) dearth of structured rehabilitative spaces and resources, such as support groups, emotional counseling, and ongoing therapy.

PCVC’s overarching goal is to provide both emotional and practical support structures for women with abusive partners.

To know more about PCVC visit